Recovery is recovery

Wow, I just realized this has been going on for 5 years now for me; no wonder at times I feel weary from the battle; and fight this I have; with everything God has given me I am fighting and I fully believe that my refusal to simply “accept that this is my life now” Someone said that to me the day I decided it was a good idea to put 10 drops of Young Living Lemongrass oil in a gel cap and swallow it; best calculated risk I ever took; with all the other healthy changes I had made,  Young Living oils were just the support my body needed to reinforce my own natural defenses. I chose Lemongrass because I had read it supports kidney health and getting that oh so important organ functioning optimally seemed like a good place to start. Let me clarify for regulation purposes, I treat my health issues with diet; I maintain and support my health I’ve achieved with diet and lifestyle with Young Living Oils (Member number 2427786 🙂 in case you’re reading this blog thinking how do I get my hands on some of those energy enhancing, world rocking, seed to seal, beyond organic oils this girl is talking about… use that number when it asks who reffered you please :)..) I also stress the company’s name because after 20 is years of playing with and studying a bit about essential oils; it is the only brand I will cook with, add to my water, put in a gel cap and swallow…use actually, it’s the only brand I’ll use.
I believe I would have died had I not fought this with everything in my heart and soul.
So; 2010 is when the migraines started it was summer and I had just weaned my son a couple months earlier, I had been on meds to treat my ADHD since I had weaned him and had forgotten them…it was 3 days so I thought it’d be ok only but; by day 2 I had what became the start of this road to recovery; but it showed up as a nasty migraine  (I blamed forgetting the meds, which ended up stopping working for me soon after that). That first migraine lasted 6 weeks, I went to the hospital at weeks 3 and 5 and they found nothing; this has been the story, they’ve never found a thing wrong with me…but they haven’t always done the right tests; I’ve been gluten free for 3 years with suspicions of celiac yet the correct test for that hasn’t been done, I was very frustrated when I learned that since this has dragged on for so long with very few real answers for me.
After the first migraine about 3 months later I had another long one then it cleared up again for a few months; then they started almost daily, living my life around my migraines, having to cancel or postpone things all the time, if I had to go out I’d have to plan and rest and not get stressed just to maybe  make it. On top of that I was on a multitude of medications for my mental health, all of which failed me, made me sicker and “crazier”, did the opposite of help. I was popping pain killers like candy; tests only ever found small things wrong like high histamine in my blood and low iron. Even the migraine meds did nothing for me. This went on for about 2 years; my doctor finally after so many things weren’t working; suggested butterbur herb (my coventional doctor because he’d seen studies it could help and nothing else was, it did help a bit took them down from everyday to about 3 times a week and shortened they’re duration) I and also started the migraine diet which is a low histamine diet (I’ve restarted this in addition to my other way of eating, which is also quite limited but it does help a lot) this diet helped a bit too; but I know something wasn’t right. I also was doing accupressure since the acupunctureist said accupuncture wouldn’t help my kind of migraines, he did a pressure thing; not sure it helped though. I hurt everyday all day, some days the head to toe pain was like little knives all over my body, on an average day my pain was at a 5 or 6 (everyday) and on bad days it would sit at a 9 or 10 (all day).
I remember one day near the end of that part of the journey, and the start of the stomach issues. I remember I was complaining to my husband about how soar I was, and he said “it’s not like you’re dying or anything”;  I looked at him and said “you don’t know that”.
This whole time I’m crying out to God, I’m convinced I’ve offended Him but I’m not sure what I did. I remember just laying there in the dark so many times just begging Him to forgive me for whatever it was I did (I’m a saved sinner, very aware I deserve non of His Grace but thankful that I’ve got it).
I collect mini saint statues and I’d just gotten Saint Jude, this was 2013, we had just gotten back from Vegas; about a week after coming home I got so sick, running to the washroom, (at first I thought I had accidentally ingested some gluten) couldn’t stay awake, pain and migraines and I’d lost almost all my hair again by then (I’ve alopecia since I was 14 but normally it would grow back…it wasn’t coming back, I had to go twice a week for steroid shots on my head just to have hair for my wedding in 2011, it hurt a lot so I stopped going after).
So I prayed to Saint Jude, well we don’t pray to Saints; Catholic’s don’t (I’m a born again Christian gone Catholic) we ask them to pray for us. So I reached out to saint Jude.


That same day I discovered that 2x500mg of L-arginine and 2 extra stenghth advil can crush a migraine for me (I no longer take advil, the the arginine works for my headaches now but if I got another migraine I would for sure take it again though). That was the same day, the migraine had hit in the city, I’d read about the Arginine Advil combo on a migraine app I had, anything was worth trying then. By this time I’d had a hysterectomy, hoping fixing the hormones would fix the rest, or at least I’d have less pain since my periods were awful! Painkillers and antibiotics for 6 weeks (over 200 T3’s) after that and then i just didnt quite recover. By the time i was tbis desperate I’d been gluten free for a year already in summer of 2013 since it seemed like I just never quite recovered from that surgery and I’d read that trauma  can sometimes trigger gluten intolerance (just trying to pain the whole picture for you), not sure what triggered it but I am for sure and I’ve been gluten free for over 3 years now.
I’m 5’2 and I was 230 pounds. I’d lost and gained the same 50 pounds 2-3 times by then but I just couldn’t keep it off! My cravings for sugar were like I’d imagine crack cravings would be; I’ve never experienced cravings like that, not even when I quit smoking!
And it kept getting worse!! So that day in complete desperation I got home from the city, took the Advil/Arginine and prayed the Saint Jude prayer. About 20 minutes later I felt this cool rush down in my lower back (kidneys I think) where I’d been having pain for 2 years from one of the medications I’d been dosed up and up and up on. I also had just gone off all the meds, including Adavant (spelling?) whichever I’d also been popping like candy but realized it was causing me to lose full days worth of memory…like living my life in a fog. I have not been on meds since and don’t even buy tylonal or advil anymore. I’m not saying I wouldn’t I just haven’t had to and; I am honestly afraid of the damage that may have been done by all the medications I have taken; but if need be, I am not against medical treatment, it’s just failed me over the last 5 years, but I believe God has led me and I am on the right path now. I did not always feel that way throughout and lamented to Him, and anyone else who’d listen honestly, because I felt He was punishing me, but finally I can see that He wasn’t, He allowed it to happen to me to give me this new much happier and more healthy lifestyle and to create again in me; a clean, humble and teachable heart.
So the following Monday May 6 2013 is when God showed me what was making me sick, and it’s funny actually (in thw dont tell me my sence of humor isn’t God given LOL because really??? really?) because the saint Jude prayer asks for “clear and visable” help…it was clear AND visable alright, clearly and visably a 6 inch long and half an inch wide part of a worm; too bad for me I screamed (shrieked is more the word) and flushed it, it took me 2 weeks to get treatment because they still have never found anything wrong with me; they have never found it but I saw it come out in pieces, after I was finally treated.
Long long road after this with IBS so bad I couldn’t even grocery shop without having to run to the washroom; which lead me to believe I still had one or it wasn’t fully dead, so I’ve followed up with herbs, supplements, homeopathic remedies, cleanses and more cleanses, clean eating, restricted diet (gluten free led to paleo, which led to the AIP diet which didn’t help so much, but led to basically paleo that includes rice potatoes and corn) but also I started caring about the source of my food, aiming to know everyone who grows the food we eat; I currently eat a Low FODMAP, low histamine diet; I eat 100% gluten free, also egg and dairy free pending allergy testing. I’ve lost over 60 pounds in the last 2 years. I take quite a few supplements as well as my oils and finally I have broken through the dark clouds to a place where I felt I am beginning to optimize my health with the good choices I make. I also still go for blood work every 6 months because my diet is so restricted, but I basically eat meat and veggies so so far so good, I’ll be trying to add foods back into my diet in a while but right now I’m thinking why? It’s been a long hard road but right now the diet is working, my guts appear to be healing finally! I have  a good little system of healing which while not easy is so so so worth while, I’ve narrower my supplements down and added in Young Living oils (Joy on my heart everyday, I don’t wear deodorant and people actually tell me I smell good now!! I use a high zinc (20%) baby bum cream and a drop of Joy, and that lasts all day, most days), the oils are a great general tonic for me propelling me to that next level of optimal health. So when I’m talking to you about them and you’re thinking “why is she stalking me about these oils” 🙂 now you know why 🙂


Val Berube
Young Living member number in case anyone wants it (when they ask if anyone referred you) 2427786.

Cool, I’ve been wanting to share this for a while! Thanks for reading all the way if your still with me. May God bless you and keep you 💖


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