It’s been too long

Been too long since my last blog post. I’m doing well. I like reading the few posts here I didn’t delete, I wish I’d have kept the ones about my bi-polar diagnosis but  I didn’t.  I’ve had that reversed, turns out gluten makes me crazy (so much so it doesn’t come in the house) and I’ve got OCD and adhd which surprises no one lol.

So I’ve lost 60 pounds, was 75 but I had to start eating more than one meal a day so I’m finding the balance with that now, still figuring out the best way to do this diet  (low FODMAP gluten free, mostly paleo)…I just got good low FODMAP cheeses back so that’s half the gain hahahaha! whatever I’ll lose it again but make sure I’m eating often enough not be in starvation mode. I was scared of food for a while there, the 15 pounds is worth getting over that fear and now I’m ready to think of my health and weight-loss goals again.

Still need to get some more foods back into my diet and still will gain super fast if I eat foods that don’t chive with my body. Have to start supplementing again, I can’t get enough through diet alone with all the limitations  (egg free low dairy etc, lots of foods I just don’t tolerate well). but eating right for me sure has helped in so many areas!! still a long way to go but at least can see some really good stuff coming from it and that took time. 

I’ve learned or am learning to accept the ebb and flow of it all I guess…feeling sad tonight though…no reason to just do…maybe need a fire after all to lift my spirits 🙂


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